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Dear supporter, to assure that we always have the best possible crew aboard our ship, we ask you to fill in our crewing form. It makes it a lot easier for us to coordinate the crews of our mission. Please use the given text fields and boxes of the form. Don't forget to submit the form at the end.

Personal informations

(You can send us CV in a separate mail if you retain it useful.)


(Please tick either yes or no and add comments you retain important for us to know based on the relative question.)

Experiences at sea

Ability Yes No Comment
Have you been at sea before? How many nautical miles/days & nights have you spent at sea already?
Are you experienced in offshore sailing?
Do you have competences about boat mechanics?
Do you have competences in electrotechnics, particularly on a boat?
Have you been involved in a rescue operation at sea? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.
Are you able to drive a RHIB? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.


Language Level (estimated)

Everyday life aboard

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Would you like to cook aboard our ship if needed?
Do you have skills in working witha camera or a GoPro?
Do you have other competences or experiences you retain useful for a mission?
Are you a member of Resqship?
Could you imagine sharing a cabin with a person of a different sex?
Have you been already vaccinated against COVID-19, including a booster vaccination? Please add the vaccination dates?
Do you have any paramedical skills? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.

Medical skills in detail

Ability Grade
- emergency medicine in general
- general-wound care
- intravenous therapy
- medical care for small infants (less than 6 years)

Working in extreme environments

From our experience we know that a professionally trained crew can work together effectively out at sea, but between the crew members there still might be different experiences in dealing with critical, unforeseen, or extreme situations we could face on our missions. Therefor, we consider it as highly important to get to know more about certain human characteristics of potential future crew members, apart from their technical skills. Please take your time to evaluate yourself in terms of your own experience in dealing with such situations. Your answers will help us to assemble a well-balanced crew for each mission.

Positions & Availability

For which position(s) aboard our ship would you like to apply?

(Feel free to tick multiple choices. Please pay attention to the requirements. If you possess certain licenses or proof of qualification, please send us a corresponding copy.)

(You need to possess an SSS license or equivalent and have several years of experience in offshore sailing. Please send us a scan of your license.)

(You need to possess at least an SKS license or equivalent. Please send us a scan of your license.)

(You need to have basic sailing experience and be comfortable with being watch captain during a night watch at sea.)

(You have experience with maintenance and repair of electrical and/or mechanical systems.)

(You need to hold a paramedic title and experience in working in emergency situations. Please send us a scan of your license.)

(You will be managing the communication between the crew on sea and the back office on land. You will also oversee written communication with official authorities. Therefor you need to be German speaking and have good computer skills. In addition, the following skills are an asset: language skills (esp. Italian, Arabic, French), media skills (image and text), team and communication skills, knowledge of RESQSHIP's operations)

(You are willing to help where help is needed aboard. Minimum requirements are general seaworthiness and your ability to work in a team. In addition, the following skills are an asset: language skills (esp. Italian, Arabic, French), media skills (image and text), team and communication skills, knowledge of RESQSHIP's operations.)

For which mission(s) would you like to apply?

Starting in April, we will be operating our monitoring mission in regular intervals of three weeks. We start from a Maltese port and want to spend about 14 days at sea per mission, always from Wednesday to Wednesday. For arrival and departure as well as preparation and post-processing of the missions we plan 3 days each, so that on Saturday there is a changeover day. Please let us know in which periods of time you will be available and free to join one (or more) of our 2022 missions.

Mission Dates of Arrival and Departure

Please note: Covid-19-restrictions and hygiene concept

Together with our medical partner organization Armut und Gesundheit e.V. we have developed a hygiene concept to minimalize the risk of a COVID-19-infection during our monitoring mission and to ensure the physical safety of our crew members. The concept doesn't provide for collective quarantine measures. Instead, it's mainly based on frequent tests. Nevertheless, due to the dynamic pandemic situation it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that crew members are being put under quarantine by local authorities after returning to Malta and respectively to their home countries. This could extend the total duration of a mission. Those measures are depending on what happens on the mission (Will we have physical contact with people outside our crew, e.g. refugees in distress?), but also on the latest development of Maltese COVID-19 incidence. Please play attention to those factors when you're planning your time to join our missions and keep yourself up to date about quarantine measures in your home country.


What is your motivation to join us on our mission?

Extra comments

Is there something else you would like to let us know?

That's it!

Thanks for your patience and filling out our crewing form! We are very happy that you're motivated to support and join our monitoring missions in the Mediterranean Sea. We will get back to you as soon as possible! In case of any urgent question, you can always contact us via email:
Best regards from the RESQSHIP crewing team!


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