Crewing form

Dear supporter, to assure that we always have the best possible crew aboard our ship, we ask you to fill in our crewing form. After filling out this form, please send a CV and your nautical licences, proof of qualifications (if you are a medic) to (Note: all fields are mandatory unless stated differently.)

Personal informations


(Please tick either yes or no and add comments you retain important for us to know based on the relative question.)

Experiences at sea

Ability Yes No Comment
Have you been at sea before? How many nautical miles/days & nights have you spent at sea already?
Are you experienced in offshore sailing?
Do you have competences about diesel engines?
Do you have competences in electrotechnics, particularly on a boat?
Have you been involved in a rescue operation at sea? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.
Are you able to drive a tender with a tiller? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.
Do you have sailing licences? If yes, insert their name (and if not self explaining also see and boat ranges) in the comment.


Language Level (estimated)

Everyday life aboard

Ability Yes No Comment
Would you like to cook aboard our ship for the 7 persons crew regularly?
Do you have skills in working witha camera or a GoPro?
Do you have other competences or experiences you retain useful for a rotation?
Are you a member of RESQSHIP e.V.?
Could you imagine sharing a cabin with a person of a different gender?
Do you have any paramedical skills? If yes, please briefly describe your experiences.

Medical skills in detail (please fill out the following only if you are a medical professional)

Ability Grade
- emergency medicine in general
- general-wound care
- intravenous therapy
- medical care for small infants (less than 6 years)

Working in extreme environments

From our experience we know that a professionally trained crew can work together effectively out at sea, but between the crew members there still might be different experiences in dealing with critical, unforeseen, or extreme situations we could face on our rotation. Therefore, we consider it as highly important to get to know more about certain human characteristics of potential future crew members, apart from their technical skills. Please take your time to evaluate yourself in terms of your own experience in dealing with such situations. Your answers will help us to assemble a well-balanced crew for each rotation.

Tasks & Availability

For which task(s) aboard our ship would you like to apply?

On Nadir, we do rotations with 7 crew members. But we have a lot more than 7 tasks and try to distribute the workload evenly. Please tick all tasks, you could responsibly fulfill. Please pay attention to the requirements. If you possess the necessary licenses or proof of qualification.

(You need to possess a German offshore license (“Sportseeschifferschein”) or an international equivalent license and have several years of experience in offshore sailing. Besides navigating and maneuvering you carry the full responsibility for the safe operation of Nadir. You must make sure that you build a resilient team.)

(You need to possess a coastal license (“Sportküstenschifferschein”) or international equivalent. You lead a watch and assist in safety drills, safety checks, route planning and navigating. In an emergency, where the skipper is not any more able to do so, you would manage bringing home Nadir and its Crew safely.)

(You need to be comfortable with being the responsible watch captain during a night watch at sea, you know about collision regulations, ship safety, basic sail trim etc.)

(You have experience with maintenance and repair of diesel engines and general electrical-mechanical systems. Keeping things sorted, in their place and documenting is a passion of yours.)

(You feel comfortable navigating our small tender for the assessment of boats or rescue people out of the water (hard plastic boat, 20 horsepower tiller engine.))
(You will be the main focal point for survivors from the tender. You will establish first contact, calm people and ensure clear communication. Language Skills in French or Arabic, are mandatory.)

(If we must embark people on to Nadir, you will coordinate the distribution of food, clothes, sanitary products etc. But you will also take care of the special protection of vulnerable persons, forwarding special needs to land organisations.)

(You need to hold a paramedic, nurse or midwife certificate and have experience in working in emergency situations. You will assist the doctor wherever possible. A passion for keeping up the inventory, conducting training, and documentation is a big plus.)

(You need to hold a doctor’s license. In cooperation with a second medic (such as a paramedic or nurse) you will conduct medical assessments, treatments, triage and call for Medical evacuations.)

(You will be managing the communication between the crew on sea and the back office on shore (Landcrew). You will write a short daily board report. You will make sure that there is a daily feedback round and moderate if necessary.

(You will communicate with the responsible Maritime-Rescue Coordination Center with E-Mail templates but also by SAT phone or VHF. Italian speaking is mandatory. In addition, good negotiating skills, a very calm and stress-resilient way of communicating as well as knowledge of the specific SAR areas is very helpful.)

(You will be responsible for taking photo footage and sending it to the Landcrew. You will be responsible for the safe storage of all footage recorded. Also writing small tweets, proof-readig of press releases, making video-footage, coordinating with journalists could be some of your tasks on top. Strong ethical standards of photo-journalistic work are required.)

(You have been on several rotations with Nadir or an equivalent NGO asset and know about the specific requirements of our monitoring rotations. You are an expert on our Standing Operating Procedures and will make sure, that everybody on board is familiar with these and well trained. You set up a strict training time plan in preparation.)

(You have been on several rotations with Nadir or an equivalent NGO asset. You decide where to patrol, which case to attend next, when to take people on board or think about alternative actions (like taking only vulnerable/women, stabilizing, etc.) The skipper has an overriding authority concerning safety.)

(You make sure that the logbook and case-reports are well written. Everything important, like audio recordings, tracks etc. must be stored and back-up according to our SOPs.)

(You show self-initiative and are willing to help wherever help is needed aboard. Minimum requirements are general seaworthiness and your ability to work in a team. In addition, the following skills are an asset: language skills (esp. Italian, Arabic, French), media skills (image and text), team and communication skills, and knowledge of RESQSHIP's operations.)

(You will not be going out to sea but will support the crew wherever needed before departure and on return. This could be shopping, but you will also be responsible for washing life jackets, cleaning the flat and doing the laundry. You will show initiative, teamwork and communication skills and may also have your own tasks that you can carry out remotely via the internet while the ship is underway. Knowledge of the processes at RESQSHIP is an advantage.)

Can we share your email in case other NGOs search crew members? We will share only your email and forward their messages, eventually filtering for the profile they search based on the tasks you selected here above. Your consent is optional and you can revoke it at any time with effect for the future.

For which rotation(s) would you like to apply?

Starting in April, we will be operating our monitoring rotation in regular intervals of three weeks. We start from a Maltese port and want to spend about 14 days at sea per rotation, always from Wednesday to Wednesday. For arrival and departure as well as preparation and post-processing of the rotations we plan 3 days each, so that on Saturday there is a changeover day. Please let us know in which periods of time you will be available and free to join one (or more) of our rotations.

Rotation Dates of Arrival and Departure

Please note: Covid-19-restrictions and hygiene concept

Together with our medical partner organization Armut und Gesundheit e.V. we have developed a hygiene concept to minimalize the risk of a COVID-19-infection during our monitoring rotation and to ensure the physical safety of our crew members. The concept doesn't provide for collective quarantine measures. Instead, it's mainly based on frequent tests. Nevertheless, due to the dynamic pandemic situation it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that crew members are being put under quarantine by local authorities after returning to Malta and respectively to their home countries. This could extend the total duration of a rotation. Those measures are depending on what happens on the rotation (Will we have physical contact with people outside our crew, e.g. refugees in distress?), but also on the latest development of Maltese COVID-19 incidence. Please play attention to those factors when you're planning your time to join our rotation and keep yourself up to date about quarantine measures in your home country.

Please note: volunteering employment

Be aware that we do not offer any kind of salary to the crew member, but consider that we offer free food and accomodation for all the duration of your service. Please check the following checkbox if you are aware of it and you agree.

Extra comment

Is there something else you would like to let us know?

That's it!

Thanks for your patience and filling out our crewing form! We remind you to send a CV and your nautical licences, proof of qualifications (if you are a medic) as well as any other question you may have to
Best regards from the RESQSHIP crewing team.


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